Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania


This section contains a selection of speeches prior to 2010 and more comprehensive additions from the resumption of Parliament in 2010. Full collection of speeches can be found on ParlInfo

Defending the Truth of Marriage

Friends:  The timeless treasured truth of marriage is worthy of our full support.

It’s historic and vital status makes it as relevant today as when it was first instituted.  

The reason? - Because it is the pre-eminent forum in which to socialise the next generation.

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A Taste of Government

Thank you very much. It is a privilege and honour to be able to welcome you to your Parliament House and to welcome you to the Australian Public Service.

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Operation Slipper commemorative service Hobart

Your Excellency, Air Vice-Marshal Davies, Guy Barnett, MHA and most importantly all those involved in Operation Slipper and their families and friends – in particular Mr & Mrs Atkinson and family.

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Address to the Labour 20 Summit, Brisbane

On behalf of the Australian Government and the Australian people, can I add my welcome to representatives of the international labour movement to Australia. In that category, I sort of include Sharan Burrow, she’s very well known in Australia and doing well on the international stage.

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Sky News AM Agenda interview - new Senate

Presenter: This is AM Agenda thanks for your company. With me now is the Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz. Thanks for your time Senator. You will be leading the negotiations with the crossbench Senators who begin their induction today here in Canberra. First of all I want to ask you about the general political landscape you are heading into next week. You have the Japanese Prime Minister visiting that will at least be the focus for one day. Are you certain you will be able to secure the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes next week?

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