Census Fake News Cheer Anti-Religious Message despite facts

The results of the 2016 Census are out and so are the misleading statistics and sensationalist headlines cheering the demise of religion in Australia. Despite the fake news, the facts are clear:most Australians still follow the Judeo-Christian ethic and values on which western civilisation is built, and which has served our country since its founding over 200 years ago and more than 60% of Australians identify as affiliates of one religion or another.

Contrary to the ABC and Buzzfeed headlines that “No Religion Is Now Australia’s Number One Religion”, the Census results are very clear – the majority of Australians still identify as Christian.

This is despite what appears to be a concerted campaign to advance a left-wing agenda through the collection of the data. For instance, the Census changed the methodology for the ‘religious affiliation’ question, moving the “No religion” option from the bottom of the list up to the top, with an extra space to further differentiate it from the other options. This was the result of lobbying from Atheist and anti-religious groups, knowing full well the bias of having “No Religion” as the first option, and hoping it would artificially inflate its representation.2017-Blog-Religion

Oddly, while “No religion” was listed as a singular category (even though it includes “secular and other spiritual beliefs” – like the Greens’ belief in the Earth spirit Gaia), as well as Islam, Judaism and nearly every other faith, only Christianity was split up into its denominations.  This helps to overstate the importance of the 30.1% representing “No religion”, when in fact 52.1% of Australians still identify as Christian.

The Interactive ABC page Census 2016: This is Australia as 100 People” is the most disturbing however, and is yet another example of fake news. The page shows 100 dots, each representing 1 percent of the population. As the reader scrolls down the page the dots arrange themselves into groups to show the percentage of people in different categories. On the Religion category, the dots suggested that 33% of people had no religion, a combined 44% of Christians and 23% of “other” religions. This contradicts the results published by the Census, and appears to wilfully mislead the public and marginalise not only Christianity, but all religions by falsely understating the number of people who still hold on to their faith.2017-Blog-Religionabc

The story that wasn’t told was that underneath all the creative use of statistics and selective reporting, Christianity remains the most popular religion in the country with 52% of Australians. It is the most popular amongst every one of the 5 age groups, including under 30s.

To put into perspective, in polling terms, these numbers would result in a landslide electoral victory for Christianity in every single state, and every age group. The majority of Australians still follow Christian values, traditions and principles, which have been the root of our prosperity, and the cause of our desirability to people from all across the globe.

The misrepresentation seen since the release of the 2016 Census is indicative of a push by the left and the mainstream media to marginalise religion, namely Christianity, by painting people of faith as irrelevant or out of touch with the rest of society. Luckily, the Census statistics show that this is demonstrably untrue, for if Christianity were to fade away as the left wishes it would, so with it would go the values, societal norms and ethics which have kept western civilisation in such good stead since time immemorial.

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Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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