Citizenship Claims

Continued claims that I have not been eligible to be a member of the Australian Senate at any time throughout my political career are absurd and have been comprehensively disproven.

I became an Australian citizen on 3 December 1974.

Under the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 as it applied in 1974, I could not become an Australian citizen if I did not renounce my German citizenship and under section 25 of the German Nationality Act 1913, which is in force to this day, a German citizen loses their German citizenship upon acquiring a foreign citizenship.

Given this matter was previously contested in the High Court and subsequently withdrawn I clearly have no case to answer as both the Australian and German laws in force in 1974 were very clear that a dual citizenship was not legally possible in either country in the circumstances.

Out of an abundance of caution I further wrote to the German Government on 26 November 1992 to advise that any citizenship that I may still have had with West Germany or Germany be renounced.

In relation to the High Court matter, I made a comprehensive statement in the Senate on 25 October 2010.



About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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