The march through our institutions must stop

Once the finest bastion of free speech and thought, our universities today are a far cry from their former glory days. The stifling political correctness crusade has sadly taken hold.

The latest reports, that the Sydney University Debating Union is now imposing quotas for its debating  teams on the basis of whether people “identify” as being “non-cis-male” or “identify” as “being a person of colour, from a minority ethno-cultural background or marginalised by white supremacy” really is beyond belief. One’s capacity to debate and participate should be blind to colour, sex etc. Their capacity to debate should be the criterion.

These kinds of political correctness crusades from the ultra-left don’t only damage our society, they damage the future generations who are taught this nonsense as fact.

Long gone are the days where young people would learn and be taught about overcoming adversity and the importance of reward for effort and ensuring equality of opportunity. Instead, this nonsense – which sounds eerily similar to the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ programme – sets young people up for failure. It says you don’t need to work hard because the state will enforce equality of outcome regardless of other things.

The most tragic part of this sad regression of our universities is that while students are told and hoodwinked into thinking that this is new and bold thinking – the sad reality is that it comes straight from the grey stale and failed Stalinist dogma of socialism dressed up as something new and ‘progressive’. If you need any clearer example of the fact we are having the same fights today as were had three quarters of a century ago, you need not look further than Sir Robert Menzies’ Forgotten People. The mere fact that 75 years ago, he devoted a radio address to the subject of “Has Capitalism Failed?” where he addresses the attempts of left-wing reactionaries to push a socialist agenda is informative.

With this continued steady stream of the ultra-left pushing the PC agenda at every opportunity in their attempted march through the institutions, as Liberals it is vital that we challenge and make the case against this continued totalitarian and repressive dogma dressed up as political correctness. Our fellow Australians who not only aren’t captured by this nonsense but actively reject it are counting on us to take a stand. To this end, while many in the commentariat will tell you that Liberal values are unfashionable, we can take great heart from both the Tasmanian and South Australian elections. Both were fought by Parliamentary Teams who were unashamedly Liberal fighting against big socialist agendas from the left-wing cabal of Labor, the Greens, Unions and GetUp. Despite this, the public saw through the authoritarian socialist demands of the cabal and rewarded our party by backing our values and philosophical outlook.

This gives me much heart and once again renews my passion and drive, guided by the Liberal values outlined by Sir Robert Menzies, to work even harder to reverse the march through our institutions and re-instate the virtues and values that actually allowed us to succeed where Marxism so dismally and repressively failed.

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Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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