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Shorten’s old union backs Coalition’s Policy

Support for the Coalition’s Policy to provide Greater Accountability and Transparency of Registered Organisations from one of Australia’s most senior union bosses in Paul Howes is welcome.


“When even Mr Howes can see that the Coalition’s policy is in the national interest and will provide peace of mind to union members, you’ve got to wonder what’s going through Mr Shorten’s head,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Broad support for Coalition’s policy on union bosses

Following support from AWU boss Paul Howes yesterday for the Coalition’s Policy to provide Greater Accountability and Transparency of Registered Organisations, former ACTU boss and Labor Leader Simon Crean has come out in support as well.


“Simon Crean is a union boss who was able to shake his old profession and act as a Minister in the national interest instead of sectional interest. His support is welcome and will come as some comfort to the thousands of union members around Australia who are worried about the way their dues are being spent,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Shorten claims debunked by own office

Claims by Mr Shorten that he consulted the Opposition in relation to the appointment of the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Director Fair Work Building Inspectorate have been debunked by his own office.

On Friday, Mr Shorten claimed in a press release that he had consulted with the Coalition but when confronted with the untruth of that assertion, it appears Mr Shorten released at least in part a confidential letter to him from the Opposition relating to other appointments.

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Greens platform relaunch

Senate Opposition Leader, Eric Abetz, says the Greens’ platform being re-released today has no credibility because it doesn’t count the full cost of the Greens’ policies and because it cloaks the Party’s more extreme policies in generalities.

When releasing the Greens’ “updated policy platform” only six months ago, Acting Leader Adam Bandt said:

"The Greens also accept that voters are also entitled to ask of us the same questions they ask of the other major parties, such as how much our initiatives will cost and where the money will come from."

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Fair Work Appointments – Shorten Misleads

Labor has today set a new low with their partisan appointments of mates to key roles in the Fair Work jurisdiction.

Mr Shorten’s claim that the Coalition was consulted on these appointments is simply false. The Coalition was not consulted over the Fair Work Ombudsman or the Director of the Fair Work Building Inspectorate. This is regrettably indicative of the old Rudd style – assert you will do something and then do the exact opposite.

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Greens and Labor both right in blaming each other for Tasmania’s Jobs Crisis

“The bickering between Labor and their Green Alliance partners over just which of them is responsible for Tasmania’s dire unemployment predicament is simple – They are both right!” Senator Abetz said today.

“For Christine Milne to suggest that that Labor alone is responsible for Tasmania having the worst unemployment figures in over a decade and the highest rate of unemployment in the country and that only the Greens have policies that would fix Tasmania’s dire unemployment is simply laughable.”

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Shorten breaks policy to appoint mates

Revelations today that Bill Shorten wrote to the Prime Minister on 21 June to recommend appointments to the Fair Work Commission are a breach of policy and further undermine the Fair Work Commission.

Labor’s Forward with Fairness policy pledged to consult with the Opposition on appointments to the Fair Work Commission prior to the Minister making a decision. The Minister only wrote to the Opposition with a short-list on 24 June, several days after he had already made recommendations to the Prime Minister.

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Unemployment goes from bad to worse under Labor

Today’s rise in unemployment to 5.7% nationally is compounded by new analysis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which confirms our worst fears that the ‘real’ rate of unemployment is much, much higher than previously reported. Tasmania tops the list with 18% Labor Force underutilisation.

“Kevin Rudd’s first task as Prime Minister was to call together Caucus at taxpayers’ expense to protect his own job, meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Australians have no job,” Senator Abetz said today.

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