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Unemployment goes from bad to worse under Labor

Today’s rise in unemployment to 5.7% nationally is compounded by new analysis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which confirms our worst fears that the ‘real’ rate of unemployment is much, much higher than previously reported. Tasmania tops the list with 18% Labor Force underutilisation.

“Kevin Rudd’s first task as Prime Minister was to call together Caucus at taxpayers’ expense to protect his own job, meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Australians have no job,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Passing of The Hon. Michael Hodgman AM QC

“The Liberal family in Tasmania and indeed across Australia is today mourning the passing of one of its genuine characters,” Senator Abetz said today on behalf of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team.

“Michael Hodgman, the “Mouth from the South”, was a gifted orator, campaigner and true-blood Liberal.”

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Week Two, Day Three: 5 June 2013

More evidence of Labor waste, incompetence and untrustworthiness

New York Consul-General’s apartment refurbishment
Estimates has learned that the Government is refurbishing the $25 million New York residence for the Australian Consul-General that overlooks the East River.  Apparently the upgrade will not be completed by the time Steve Bracks arrives so he will need to find alternative accommodation in the meantime.

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Week Two, Day Two: 4 June 2013

More evidence of Labor incompetence and untrustworthiness

Labor’s carbon tax car claims discredited
Labor’s claims that the carbon tax adds only $50 to the cost of an Australian-made car have been exposed as a sham at Senate Estimates.  Questioned by Coalition Senators, officials from the Department of Industry admitted that the $50 calculation only includes the direct costs that automotive manufacturers pay, and does not include the impact of the  carbon tax on the supply chain.  Further they admitted that:

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Week Two, Day One: 3 June 2013

More evidence of Labor waste, incompetence and untrustworthiness

Asbestos: Where does the buck stop?
Under Labor’s Work Health and Safety legislation the buck stops right at the top when it comes to culpability for industrial accidents.  Employers have long complained that their senior managers and boards of directors can be held liable even when they know nothing of the circumstances involved.

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Gillard must remain honest about compulsory arbitration

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten is today set to introduce amendments to the Fair Work Act that would reintroduce compulsory arbitration in direct contradiction to election promises from Ms Gillard and her own legal advice.

In secret correspondence between Julia Gillard and the ACTU obtained by the Coalition, Ms Gillard in 2010 was a strong opponent of compulsory arbitration saying:

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Day Three 29 May 2013

More evidence that Labor can’t be trusted

Fact checking the ABC fact checker
The ABC has appointed former Fairfax journalist, Russell Skelton, to head its Fact Checking Unit.  The unit has been tasked to “check the accuracy and factual basis of public statements by politicians and other public figures” in the lead up to and during the election campaign.

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Shorten’s Compulsory Arbitration plan to destroy jobs

Reports today that Bill Shorten will reintroduce compulsory arbitration into the Fair Work Act despite express commitments from Labor to the contrary, including in Forward with Fairness itself will send a wrecking ball through the Australian economy and cost jobs.

Labor’s plan which it hopes to sneak through the Parliament without any oversight will mean that employers and employees will be told how to run their enterprises.

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