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Labor Desperation – Labor Lies

“Tasmanians won’t fall for Labor’s latest act of desperation with their campaign of pedalling lies over GST funding,” Senator Abetz said today.

“Having suffered from State Labor lies that they would do “no deal with the Greens” before the 2009 State election and the Federal Labor lies over “No Carbon Tax” before the 2010 Federal Election,, Tasmanians will rightly view this double act of Senator Wong and Premier Giddings with some cynicism.”

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More rights for union bosses gives green light to militancy

Bill Shorten’s announcement today expanding rights for union bosses even further seeking increased  access to workplaces, including forcing employers to pay for helicopter joy flights for union bosses to fly them out to offshore oil rigs, is just another broken promise from Labor in an effort to appease the union bosses.

In 2007, Julia Gillard promised not to change right of entry laws and said “I'm happy to do whatever you would like. If you'd like me to pledge to resign, sign a contract in blood, take a polygraph, bet my house on it, give you my mother as a hostage, whatever you'd like”.

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Fair Work appointments to undermine independence

Bill Shorten’s imminent appointments to the Fair Work Commission could damage the standing and independence of the tribunal and undermine the appointments process by laying it open to political interference.

Using the cover of some of the more benign recommendations from the Fair Work Review Mr Shorten has also legislated to create two new positions at the industrial tribunal. These would slot in at second and third place in the chain of command.

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Nothing to see here, move along: ACTU

The ACTU’s so-called consideration of the alleged independent review of union governance was a predictable flop according to the Opposition.

“When you have a handpicked reviewer making voluntary recommendations, you’ve got to wonder if it was something prepared in anticipation of the Melbourne Comedy Festival,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Essential Poll Shows Greens Still Extreme

“Today’s Essential Report on the Greens’ vote confirms the public believes their policies are too extreme, even after they dumped their specific policy measures in favour of general ‘principles’ and ‘aims’.”

“52% of those surveyed think that the Greens policies are too extreme, up from 47% in November.”

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Mighell’s Support for Shorten Says it All

“The fact that firebrand unionist Dean Mighell has stepped up to support Bill Shorten’s ill-advised endorsement of a conference celebrating union militancy two days ago highlights how partisan the  Minister and the Government have become,” Senator Abetz said today.

“Mighell’s support may also help explain the Minister’s paralysis in the face of shady money deals by Union bosses and their failure to disclose.”

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Shorten Must Not Attend Militant Union Conference

In the latest example of Mr Shorten acting as an ex-union boss first and a Minister last, he will tomorrow officially open the MUA’s conference titled “140 years of militant struggle”, which “bringstogether representatives from some of the most successful and militant trade unions from around Australia and the world.

“After recording an 8 year record high in strikes around Australia and witnessing the worst elements of militant unionists involved in the Grocon, Abigroup, Little Creatures and City West Water disputes, Mr Shorten is embracing militant union bosses and opening their conference,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Greens and Labor Still Joined at the Hip

Last week the Greens cited Labor's mishandling of the mining tax as grounds for breaking their agreement with Labor, but today that was shown to be a sham divorce.

Despite their public condemnation last week of Labor's handling of the mining tax - today the Greens sided with Labor and refused to support a motion of no confidence in the Government's handling of the mining tax in the Senate.

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Green Labor Alliance – Nothing has Changed

“Senator Milne’s diatribe at the National Press Club today adds to the chaos surrounding this Government, but in reality nothing has changed,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The dysfunction of the Labor-Greens Alliance is once again apparent for all to see.”

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