Gillard must remain honest about compulsory arbitration

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten is today set to introduce amendments to the Fair Work Act that would reintroduce compulsory arbitration in direct contradiction to election promises from Ms Gillard and her own legal advice.

In secret correspondence between Julia Gillard and the ACTU obtained by the Coalition, Ms Gillard in 2010 was a strong opponent of compulsory arbitration saying:

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Day Three 29 May 2013

More evidence that Labor can’t be trusted

Fact checking the ABC fact checker
The ABC has appointed former Fairfax journalist, Russell Skelton, to head its Fact Checking Unit.  The unit has been tasked to “check the accuracy and factual basis of public statements by politicians and other public figures” in the lead up to and during the election campaign.

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Shorten’s Compulsory Arbitration plan to destroy jobs

Reports today that Bill Shorten will reintroduce compulsory arbitration into the Fair Work Act despite express commitments from Labor to the contrary, including in Forward with Fairness itself will send a wrecking ball through the Australian economy and cost jobs.

Labor’s plan which it hopes to sneak through the Parliament without any oversight will mean that employers and employees will be told how to run their enterprises.

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Day Two: 28 May 2013

Another day – More Government incompetence exposed

Truism confirmed
In one of his Jack Aubrey novels, author Patrick O’Brian has Stephen Maturin observe that one seldom hears a person admit that they were asleep when they should have been awake or that they have enough money.   So it was not surprising that Senate Estimates heard Immigration Department officials deny Thai Government claims that Australian guards contracted to escort a prisoner who escaped whilst in transit were asleep when the man escaped.

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Labor, Greens and Independents back union bosses

Labor, the Greens and key independents have sided with militant union bosses like the CFMEU in voting down the Coalition’s disallowance motion on the Building Code 2013 71-70. 

Earlier this year, Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten made a new Building Code under regulation that had no stakeholder consultation and has imposed significant new requirements on the sector which a wide range of stakeholder groups and state governments have expressed concern about.

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Senate Estimates - Highlights from Day One: 27 May 2013

Government revealed as incompetent and untrustworthy

Budget’s carbon price projections just wishful thinking

Senate Estimates heard today that the forward price on the European market for December 2016 carbon permits is $5.42.  This is less than half the $12.10 price contained in the Budget’s forward estimates.   If the market is correct and the price in 2016 is only $5.42 there will be a $2b shortfall in Government revenue in 2015-16 and $4b in 2016-17.

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“Guards were NOT asleep” – Department

The Immigration Department has denied reports that Australian guards contracted by the Department to escort a prisoner who escaped whilst in transit in Bangkok were asleep when the man escaped.

The Department’s denial contradicts reports in the Bangkok Post that the man fled from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand after disarming a security system while his Australian guards took a nap.

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Overseas Investors Snub Tasmania’s Labor/Green Government

Senate Estimates has revealed that not a single overseas investor has taken up the offer of Labor’s much trumpeted “Significant Investor Visa” program in Tasmania.

Labor’s scheme was designed to attract migrant investors to Australia but despite there being some interest in other States there has been not one single application to invest in Tasmania out of the 435 applications to the 30th of April 2013.

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Union Boss confirms worst fears: CFMEU to keep being militant

Victorian CFMEU Secretary John Setka's comments today that the CFMEU will remain a "militant union" and continue to "break a law a little bit" must be condemned in the strongest terms by Labor and the ACTU.

This comes days after links between the CFMEU and the Comanchero Bikie Gang were established and the Supreme Court making 5 findings of contempt against the CFMEU.

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Decision on Grocon welcome

The Victorian Supreme Court's decision on the CFMEU's contempt of court orders relating to the Grocon dispute is welcome.

The Court found the CFMEU guilty on all 5 charges of contempt.

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