Mighell’s Support for Shorten Says it All

“The fact that firebrand unionist Dean Mighell has stepped up to support Bill Shorten’s ill-advised endorsement of a conference celebrating union militancy two days ago highlights how partisan the  Minister and the Government have become,” Senator Abetz said today.

“Mighell’s support may also help explain the Minister’s paralysis in the face of shady money deals by Union bosses and their failure to disclose.”

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Shorten Must Not Attend Militant Union Conference

In the latest example of Mr Shorten acting as an ex-union boss first and a Minister last, he will tomorrow officially open the MUA’s conference titled “140 years of militant struggle”, which “bringstogether representatives from some of the most successful and militant trade unions from around Australia and the world.

“After recording an 8 year record high in strikes around Australia and witnessing the worst elements of militant unionists involved in the Grocon, Abigroup, Little Creatures and City West Water disputes, Mr Shorten is embracing militant union bosses and opening their conference,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Greens and Labor Still Joined at the Hip

Last week the Greens cited Labor's mishandling of the mining tax as grounds for breaking their agreement with Labor, but today that was shown to be a sham divorce.

Despite their public condemnation last week of Labor's handling of the mining tax - today the Greens sided with Labor and refused to support a motion of no confidence in the Government's handling of the mining tax in the Senate.

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Green Labor Alliance – Nothing has Changed

“Senator Milne’s diatribe at the National Press Club today adds to the chaos surrounding this Government, but in reality nothing has changed,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The dysfunction of the Labor-Greens Alliance is once again apparent for all to see.”

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Fair Work Commission can’t afford Bullying - More Shorten spin with no plan

Yesterday’s announcement by Bill Shorten with much fanfare that the Fair Work Commission would now take and arbitrate complaints of bullying has been quashed by the Fair Work Commission today.

In Senate Estimates, the Fair Work Commission advised that they have already told the Department of Finance that they could not afford these additional responsibilities without significant additional financial support. Fair Work President Iain Ross also noted that the Commission’s bench was close to capacity with the current case-load.

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Coalition moves to disallow Building Code

The Coalition has tabled a disallowance motion in an effort to stop Labor further weakening the Building Code.

Mr Shorten signed into law the new Building Code without any consultation in an effort to override State Government codes which seek to stamp out illegality, thuggery, bullying and intimidation in the industry.

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Taxpayers slugged $440,000 a month for empty detention centre

It’s been revealed during Senate Estimates that Labor spent more than $440,000 a month to maintain an empty detention centre in Tasmania after it was closed and Labor promised not to re-open it.

“The revelations that it’s cost taxpayers more than $4 million dollars to maintain the empty Pontville Detention Centre in Tasmania is yet another gross example of Labor wasting taxpayers’ money,” Senator Abetz said today.

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Forced Redundancies at the ABS in Hobart

“Documents provided to the opposition (attached) show Labor’s financial waste has now led to the need to cut a 6 further jobs from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Hobart,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The sad fact is that Labor’s legacy of waste is now catching up with the community.”

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