For “Better” – In Defence of Marriage

Address to the Young Liberal Movement Federal Convention, Sydney

Welcome to 2012: a year which promises to be even more difficult than the last.

A year in which the cost of living will increase even further due to the Carbon Tax.

A year in which the debt burden placed on the next generation will balloon to phenomenal proportions. Quite frankly, it is hard to see how Australia can endure another 12 months of Labor's seven deadly sins.

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Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Bill 2011

When people run out of a burning building it is the firefighters who run in to ensure the safety of the premises and the safety of individuals. They are willing to put their lives at risk for the sake of others and their property. They are people whom all Australians should salute. We in the coalition do so.

There is good, clear evidence that, in general terms, firefighters are healthier than the average punter when they begin their careers as firefighters. That is how we want them. In fact, that is how we need them, because of the physical tasks they are required to undertake. The sad fact is that once they come to the end of their careers as firefighters they are more likely than the rest of the community to suffer from a number of cancers. Health and fitness epidemiological studies, the study of people and their health and other matters—I will not go into the technical detail—indicate that, by all accounts, firefighters when they start their careers would be less likely than the average punter to contract various types of cancers but that at the end of their careers they are more likely to suffer cancers.

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Speech to the National Civic Council Dinner, Perth

The ideology imbedded in the Australian Greens is the very antithesis of the force that has made our country and the West so dominant in world affairs - the envy of the world.

That force is a force for good.

It is the force that has given us our personal freedoms, our economic freedoms, our standard of living, our schools and our hospitals. It has given us our fundamental values system that every individual counts on.

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From Students to Airlines – the Workplace Relations Agenda 2012

Address to the Australian Industry Group PIR Conference, Canberra

From the aspirations of a student wanting to earn money after school through to the ongoing viability of Australia's icon, Qantas – the workplace relations agenda has been a busy one in 2011 and promises to be even busier in 2012.

From dealing with the aspirations of a student to the national carrier we are reminded that the workplace relations regime is far reaching.

From dealing with a student to an airline, we are reminded that the system of workplace relations needs to be flexible and responsive.

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Condolences - Sister Eileen Heath

Every now and then we meet a remarkable person that leaves a lasting impression, some for good.

The person I want to speak of this evening is a person I only met once and the impression left was good - good writ large.

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No need for change – every reason to celebrate our heritage

Speech to the Australian Monarchist League National Conference, Sydney

Thank you very much and it's a great honour to be with you this morning.

By instinct I am a republican. If I was to set up from scratch the governance arrangements of a brand new country, I would not have a monarchy.

But of course, Australia was never set up from scratch. We were established by the United Kingdom under the Crown.

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Speech - Senate Chamber - Carbon Tax Debate

Oh, how a once proud Labor Party has become a pathetic shadow of its former self. Today we are witnessing again the Australian Labor Party coming into this chamber to do the Greens' bidding.

Yesterday the first and most urgent item on the Government's agenda was to remove a Coalition Senator from the chairmanship of a committee and to replace that very good Senator with a Greens Senator who has only been here for five minutes.

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Senate Chamber - Election of Committee Chair

I move:

That the words "Legal and Constitutional Affairs" be removed and replaced with "Environment and Communications" so that paragraph (a) now reads:

(a) that the chair of the Environment and Communications References Committee shall be elected by that committee from members nominated by minor parties or independent senators.

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Speech - Carbon Tax Bills - Senate

There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.

So spoke the Labor Party through its current leader to the Australian people just days before the last election. At a time when the polls were perilously close—they were tight—Labor, its leader and its deputy leader solemnly promised the Australian people that there would be no carbon tax. Suggestions that there would be were dismissed by Labor as hysterical.

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Address to the Ralph Honner Leadership Forum

It's great to be amongst friends. We are here today to pay respect to one of our past elders.  That itself bears voluminous testimony to our theme “Leadership and Conservative Values: An Enduring Legacy”.

May we as a Nation and through this initiative of the NSW Young Liberals ensure that Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner's OBE DSO MC legacy endures…

…That his legacy and the legacy of those that served with him are on parade in the modern Australia of the 21st century…

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Senate Speech - Extension of sitting hours

Senator ABETZ (Tasmania - Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (09:43):  The coalition opposes the motion which seeks to extend the hours of the Senate. The reason we do that is that the Senate is currently being confronted with an unseemly rush to get a package of legislation through this chamber, a package of legislation that is built on deceit.

The Labor government went to the last election saying 'there will be no carbon tax' and, but for this package of legislation, there would be no need for these extended hours. It is amazing, isn't it, how the Labor Party are able to dress up their deceit of the Australian people?

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About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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