Abetz welcomes LGAT vote to reject Australia Day change

The Local Government Association of Tasmania’s rejection of a push to change Australia Day from the 26th January each year has been welcomed by Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz.

“Our nation has a lot for which to be thankful. We are blessed with freedoms and wealth unparalleled in the rest of the world,” Senator Abetz said.

“The denigration of our national heritage excites some but does a great disservice to our forebears who built our Nation to what she is today – the envy of the world.”

“Whilst errors have been made in the past I am sure future generations will look at this generation of leadership questioning some of our decisions but hopefully they too will have the maturity and perspicacity to acknowledge we did our best in all the circumstances. Similarly we should show the same maturity to past generations.”

“Given the Prime Minister has rejected the notion of changing the date one wonders why local governments would want to concentrate and spend so much energy on this divisive distraction. I congratulate the Local Government Association of Tasmania on its rejection of this motion and encourage local government to get back to its core business of serving the rate payers.”

About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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