Action on Setka welcome but more to do

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese’s belated decision to expel John Setka from the Labor Party, following my call for him to do so over the weekend, is welcome but in order to be consistent, Mr Albanese must take action against other union heavies including Michael Ravbar.

Mr Ravbar, who sits on the Labor Party’s National Executive, has been directly fined by the courts for illegal activities on worksites which included a finding that the CFFMEU was “recidivist and that it has, by its conduct, demonstrated a continuing defiance of the law” .

“While Mr Albanese’s action on John Setka is welcome and long overdue, he can’t now act on one militant boss’s lawbreaking while turning a blind eye to others,” Senator Abetz said.

“CFFMEU Queensland boss Michael Ravbar is a member of Labor’s National Executive and just months ago was fined by the Federal Court for law breaking. If Mr Albanese is to be consistent, he must also insist on Mr Ravbar’s expulsion.”

“Further, given the action by Mr Albanese today it is now also incumbent on both the CFFMEU to remove Mr Setka from any positions of power or influence within the union.”

“I look forward to Mr Albanese further acting to limit the influence and control of the CFFMEU over the Labor Party,” Senator Abetz concluded.

About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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