Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

Aspirational Australians want tax cuts not hikes

Reports today about a majority of Australians supporting tax cuts underpins the Liberal foundational principle of lower taxes and smaller government according to Liberal Senator Eric Abetz.

“Today’s reports simply confirm that Australians are aspirational and want big government out of their lives because individuals know how to spend their money better than Canberra,” Senator Abetz said.

“As a Government we seek to back hard work and reward for effort but are regularly frustrated by champagne socialists in the Labor Party and on the Senate crossbench.”

“Labor’s plans to dramatically increase the tax burden are an anathema to the Australian people and Bill Shorten’s politics of envy will only diminish aspirational Australians.”

“Make no mistake, if elected as Prime Minister, Bill Shorten will try and tax Australians into poverty by ramping up personal income taxes, impose a new carbon tax, attack mum and dad property investors, slug small business trusts and that’s only what he’s willing to say before an election.”

“On the other hand, my colleagues and I will continue the relentless campaign against burgeoning government, higher taxes and debt while standing up for aspirational Australians,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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