Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

CFMEU actions could lead to job losses

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has hit out at the CFMEU which is commencing rolling work stoppages on a construction site in Hobart over unrealistic wage demands.

The CFMEU are asking for a $7 per hour wage increase on the Parliament Square and MACq 01 developments.

“Just when Tasmania has turned the corner towards economic prosperity with a huge surge in job creation, the CFMEU bosses are coming in as a wrecking ball,” Senator Abetz said.

“These important projects, when complete, will see the creation of many more jobs in Tasmania. It’s sad that the CFMEU is holding those job creation opportunities hostage over what are clearly ambit claims.”

“Furthermore, it’s troubling that the CFMEU boss, Mr Harkins, has threatened that the union will make similar demands on other construction projects around the state.”

“The silence from Labor and Green Members of Parliament speaks volumes as to who actually controls and bankrolls them.”

“The greatest threat to job creation in Tasmania is the CFMEU being allowed off the leash by a Green-Labor Government,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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