Farcical Lloyd investigation further highlighted by leak

Former Public Service Minister Eric Abetz has raised serious questions following the unprecedented and unprincipled leaking of a report critical of former Public Service Commissioner, the Hon. John Lloyd PSM.

“The whole process around this matter has been farcical and clearly lacked both procedural fairness and robustness at almost every step of the way and the leaking of it now exposes a lack of integrity to boot,” Senator Abetz said.

 “Mr Lloyd is a highly experienced public servant, having served Liberal and Labor Governments in State and Commonwealth departments, including as a Deputy Secretary, Commissioner and as a quasi-judicial officer.”

“It is entirely unremarkable for information to be shared with third parties. Indeed, during my time as a Minister there was information and data provided by my Department to trade unions that was not placed on the public record. It is also common place for information and data to be shared with academics, media and others.”

“This suggested notion that it is now inappropriate to share information with third parties that is produced by Government could have deep ramifications, including for consulting with stakeholders on policy.”

“The fact the initial report was undertaken by Mr McMillan who has let his personal views on Mr Lloyd be well known in The Guardian in 2015 should have made him realise he could not and should not undertake the task. This further taints this unfair process.”

“Further, the fact that the Merit Protection Commission’s inquiry and investigation did not proactively make contact with me, noting that I was the Minister at the time, is concerning.”

“As I have made clear to the Commissioner, the analysis prepared by the Australian Public Service Commissioner was commissioned by me as the relevant Minister.”

“If the Merit Protection Commissioner is serious about protecting the merit of her office, she would launch an immediate investigation into how her report was so comprehensively leaked to the media. Ironically, this breach is far more serious than any confected finding against Mr Lloyd.”

“I salute Mr Lloyd for his life-long dedication and service to our nation and wish him and his family well in retirement,” Senator Abetz concluded.

About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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