Formal ‘YES’ affiliate endorses Astro Labe assault

It is disappointing that despite ‘Astro Labe’ personally confirming to media that he attacked former Prime Minister Abbott and has labelled ‘no’ voters as “archaic, retarded imbiciles”, many ‘yes’ campaigners are continuing to purport that this incident was ‘alleged’, ‘confected’ and ‘made up’ while others have supported the ugly actions of Mr ‘Labe’ on social media.

A cursory glance at Twitter simply confirms the strong support from senior ‘yes’ affiliates, including the National Union of Students for the actions of Mr ‘Labe’. The ‘yes’ campaign can no longer hide the ugliness of its campaign given at least one of its own affiliates has endorsed the ugly actions of Mr ‘Labe’.2017-NUS Screenshot

This troubling insight into the mentality of not only this character but the wider ‘yes’ campaign is just a sign of things to come if the ‘yes’ campaign is successful, particularly when added to the long list of ‘isolated incidents’:

  • An 18 year old female being sacked in Canberra for posting on her personal Facebook profile that she will be voting ‘no’;
  • Benjamin Law’s graphic threat against ‘no’ campaigners;
  • Several church leaders hauled before state tribunals for articulating the Church’s view on marriage;
  • A bombing attack on the Australian Christian Lobby;
  • Attacks on ‘no’ campaigning university students on campuses in both Sydney and Brisbane; and
  • A powder incident that saw an Australia Post Mail Centre evacuated.

While Mr ‘Labe’ has made claims about his assault of Mr Abbott, the facts are clear:

  • Mr ‘Labe’ wore a ‘yes’ badge;
  • Mr ‘Labe’ strongly endorsed the ‘yes’ campaign on his private Facebook page;
  • Mr ‘Labe’ took to the media to promote the ‘yes’ campaign after the incident;
  • Mr ‘Labe’ called ‘no’ campaigners retarded; and
  • Mr ‘Labe’ has been endorsed by at least one ‘yes’ campaign formal affiliate.

To claim there is no link to the ‘yes’ campaign is clearly debunked. 

I look forward to the ‘yes’ campaign and affiliates providing a full and detailed explanation on this other ‘isolated incident’.

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Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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