GetUp! should pack up!

“The ugly and dishonest campaign techniques of GetUp! have been soundly rejected by the Tasmanian people and need to be repudiated by the ALP,” Senator Abetz said today.

“GetUp! has been exposed as engaging in dishonest and underhand tactics in virtually every election in which they are involved.”

“From dodgy vote generators to dishonest policy analysis - to untruths about their former director’s political affiliation - to the seat of Nelson, where the sitting Member was maliciously aligned – GetUp! is now exposed as a cynical - do anything, say anything, blot on our political landscape,” Senator Abetz said.

“The election in Tasmania yesterday saw the silent majority reject GetUp!’s campaign issues.”

“The people spoke to reject the socially destructive attempt to change the definition of marriage and the economically destructive attempt to destroy our timber industry,” Senator Abetz said.

About Eric

Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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