Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

Illicit Tobacco ring underscores need for urgent reform

The busting of an illicit tobacco smuggling syndicate involving drug king-pins and a current and former Australian Government official underscores the need for urgent reform on the issue of illicit tobacco.


The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement, of which Senator Abetz is a member, is currently inquiring into the scourge of illicit tobacco in Australia.

“The scourge of illicit tobacco for too long has been ignored or not taken seriously by Commonwealth Departments. I have been pleased to be a part of a Joint Parliamentary Committee looking into the issue,” Senator Abetz said.

“Illicit tobacco is a serious and emerging organised crime that results in a multi-billion dollar revenue loss to the Commonwealth as well as putting Australians’ health at risk.”

“Indeed, to their credit, the tobacco industry has sought to take action against stockists of illicit tobacco but was unbelievably blocked in doing so by ASIC.”


“I am hopeful that the busting of this smuggling syndicate will draw attention to this issue as the Joint Standing Committee’s work continues,” Senator Abetz concluded.  




“I look forward to working with colleagues and like-minded individuals around Australia to make the case for marriage so all Australians are able to make a well informed decision in the plebiscite.”


“I spend a lot of time engaging with constituents and welcome any opportunity to spend even more time in the community. I will continue to advocate for marriage to protect our children and will work hard to make the case along with dealing with the many other issues facing Tasmania and Australia.

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