Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

Labor’s latest IR pitch just more power for union bosses

The Labor Party’s latest thought bubble on workplace relations is nothing but another leg up to union bosses at the expense of honest workers and hardworking employers according to Liberal Senator Eric Abetz.

According to reports, Labor will today announce a plan to remove the Fair Work Commission’s current powers that allow it to terminate workplace agreements in limited circumstances.

“Like with everything Labor does – this has nothing to do with decent workers, this is all about giving union bosses more power,” Senator Abetz said.

“Clearly the Fair Work Act is currently skewed towards union bosses at the disadvantage of both workers and their employers and a Labor Government would just give more power to union bosses. The laws need to be amended to return the balance to the sensible centre not see radical shifts to the left.”

“Labor must explain why the current provisions, designed by Julia Gillard – not changed by Bill Shorten as Minister – and that are overseen by a Fair Work Commission that was stacked and packed by Labor are not working.”

“Further removing flexibility from the workplace will only cost jobs and stop employers from being able to save workers in economic downturns,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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