Labor seeks to divide community to benefit big energy companies

Under the big stick energy legislation public power assets will remain in public hands and there will be a tough cop on the beat if Labor Governments and the big energy companies try to gouge their customers.

Colbeck: “The Coalition Government’s big stick energy plan will protect customers from big public and private energy companies while keeping public assets in public hands.

“Tasmanians will be disappointed to know that Tasmanian Labor is running a protection racket for a rogue Queensland Labor Government which is paying for its reckless spending by price gouging electricity customers.”

Abetz: “Labor are again working against the national interest and trying to divide the community based on lies to protect the sectional interests of big unions and big business.”

“Responsible State Governments will have nothing to fear, such as the Tasmanian Liberal Government which has delivered the lowest regulated power prices in the nation.”

Bushby: “It is deeply concerning that Labor opposes the powers outlined in the big stick energy legislation, which will only apply to companies whose conduct is dishonest, in bad faith, fraudulent, and for the purpose of manipulating prices.

“It is deeply concerning that Tasmanian Labor is again cosying up to these kinds of corporations, as they have infamously done with the militant MUA and CFMEU.”

Duniam: “The ACCC review identified serious misconduct in the energy sector and the Liberals make no apologies for acting swiftly to bring down energy costs for Australians.

“As history shows, under Labor power prices always go up, whereas only the Liberals have a plan to get energy prices down for families, pensioners and small businesses.”

Any divestiture of a government owned enterprise is only to be made to another government owned energy company where the two entities genuinely compete with one another.

The Treasurer can only make an application to the Federal Court for a Divestiture order where both the ACCC and the Treasurer are satisfied that the order would result in a net public benefit.

The ACCC’s price gouging report can be found here:

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