Senator Eric Abetz

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

Labour Force

As a direct result of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team and the Tasmanian Liberal Government working in partnership, more Tasmanians are in work and the unemployment rate continues to be far lower than it was when we came to office.

In August 2013, the Tasmanian unemployment rate was 8.1%, the economy was a basket case and Labor was more focused on political correctness than supporting hard working Tasmanians.unemployment

Today, the Tasmanian unemployment rate is 5.9%, the economy has turned the corner and the partnership between the Liberal Senate Team and the Tasmanian Government couldn’t be stronger.

While there is still a lot more to be done, Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein’s recent Budget lays out a positive blueprint to create even more jobs and support for young Tasmanians to find work and stay in Tasmania.

The biggest risk to continuing this strong record of delivery for Tasmania is the election of an inexperienced Green-Labor Government in Hobart and a Union-run Shorten Government in Canberra.

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