Time for the Greens to shake Sheikh

Simon Sheikh's wild claim on radio 2CN yesterday that the Labor Party had withdrawn its assertion that he was a member for four years is not surprisingly contradicted today by NSW ALP Secretary, Sam Dastyari.

Yesterday's claim by Mr Sheikh is in the same vein as his equally improbable claim on 12 April, also on 2CN, that The Australian was retracting the same contention about him being a member of the Labor Party for four years.

Mr Sheikh appears to be making it up as he goes along.

Christine Milne has inflicted a candidate on her Party who doesn't have the maturity for the task.

Since Mr Sheikh was endorsed by the Greens we have seen:

  • GetUp! promoting a Simon Sheikh 'Gettogether' despite being supposedly "independent"
  • Sheikh's campaign advertising overseas for cheap foreign labour, despite the Greens' stance on 457 visas
  • the story about Sheikh's Labor Party membership change from one year to two years, despite his writing to the ALP after four years to say it was inappropriate for him to be “holding membership of the party”
  • Simon Sheikh and his wife using ANU lectures to spruik his campaign - something he repeatedly describes as a "storm in a teacup" - indicating he has no appreciation of academic independence

Since Senator Milne refuses to intervene, local Greens should take matters into their own hands.

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