Address to the National Marriage Day Rally 2012

The foundations of a Nation's greatness is in the homes of its people.

So spoke that famous trail blazing first female House of Representatives member, first female Cabinet Minister and mother of ten - Dame Enid Lyons.

Friends, the health and well-being of our Nation is the sum total of the health and well-being of each individual Australian.

So, from an individual perspective and a national perspective the propagation of the next generation is core business for anyone concerned for the welfare of the individual and our Nation's welfare.

The pre-eminent institution for the raising of the next generation is the family unit institutionalised though marriage.

Marriage is designed to provide security and the vital role models of a man and a woman for the socialisation of the next generation.

Marriage is not only about love as the mindless Hollywood celebrities would try and sell this great institution.

Marriage is about a lot more – the next generation the future.

To hijack the term 'equality" in relation to marriage may be a clever PR exercise for a slogan but it lacks any serious analysis.

Marriage is restricted by many constraints of –

  • Age;
  • Genetic relationships;
  • Marital relationships;
  • Numbers; and of course by
  • Sex.

If "equality" is the test and love the only pre requisite why shouldn't 2 brothers be able to marry?

OR a person already married?

OR three or more persons?

Why should this so called "equality" be available to only a twosome and not a threesome?

And let's be clear – those in polyamorous relationships are hitching a ride on this push for their relationships to be recognised in marriage.  Why shouldn't they?

To deny the push by the polyamorists is on is to wilfully deny the facts, is to wilfully deny the evidence and is to wilfully deny the consequences of unravelling the meaning, definition and need for the institution of marriage to remain as it is.

Let me also make this observation.

Whilst at university those on the extreme Left of politics always denounced marriage as a vile institution – a tool to oppress women – you know the jargon.

Now this same group all of a sudden believe marriage is so wonderful it should be available to all. – You know what  - I don't trust them.

And those that have regular recourse to UN Declarations and Human Rights Courts have gone very quiet in their quoting of these bodies because they are confronted by the facts that:

  1. The Convention on the Rights of the Child refers to a child being entitled to a mother and father;
  2. The UN Declaration of Human Rights employs language differentiating between the sexes in only one area – marriage and contextualising marriage not in the definition of love but family; and
  3. The European Union's Human Rights Court has ruled "gay marriage" so called is not a human right.

Public campaigns come and go. Some for good – some for bad.

The current push to re-define marriage is clearly not for the better be it for children, families or society.

Your presence here today shows you have a heart and commitment to our children and our Nation.

To the organisers – congratulations on bringing such a diverse group of speakers together in the cause of marriage.

Let me conclude as I began.

The foundations of a Nation's greatness is in the homes of its people.

Let's not jeopardise our Nation's greatness – lets defend marriage. Let's celebrate marriage today and every day.

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Eric Abetz has been a Liberal Senator for Tasmania since 1994 and has served in a range of Leadership, Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial roles.

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