This section contains a selection of speeches prior to 2010 and more comprehensive additions from the resumption of Parliament in 2010. Full collection of speeches can be found on ParlInfo

Address to the Australian Industry Group PIR Conference

It’s always good to attend these PIR conferences which have become a cornerstone event in the workplace relations space. As I read through the programme I noted that as always you have a very balanced attendee list with representatives like Mr Shorten and myself but also union bosses.

It’s a true shame that this isn’t a two way street. That unions refuse to invite the other side of politics represents a regrettable mindset. That said, when you have unions like the Maritime Union celebrating 140 years of union militancy – read illegality and thuggery – I’m not sure that’s something that anyone would seek to be involved in.

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National Apology for Forced Adoptions

In the life of any great nation, it is appropriate to pause and reflect and ask: are there things in the past we could have done better? Are there things we should have done better? Are there things we should not have done at all? A great nation, while celebrating its overwhelming achievements, should also find within its soul and conscience the capacity to ask the tough questions and reflect. Australia, being the great nation that she is, with a record second-to-none as a country of hope, reward and opportunity, nevertheless does not have an unblemished record. We have left people behind, and shamelessly so. And it is in recognition of that realisation that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition made their heartfelt statements earlier today in the Great Hall: statements of apology on behalf of our nation for forced adoptions.

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Address to the Brisbane Club Workplace Relations Special Interest Group, Brisbane

It’s always good to come from the state closest to Antarctica to the state closest to the Equator. Our State Governments are poles are apart as well. In Tasmania we have a tired old Government, compromised by the Greens, who are more focused on advancing a destructive social agenda - no doubt to bring it into line with their economic agenda.

In contrast, in Queensland, you have a strong and effective Government prepared to make the tough decisions to repair the damage of gross Labor mismanagement and protect future generations from the wicked burden of debt.

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Address to the National Safety Council of Australia, Sydney

It’s good to be in a room of OH&S practitioners because I am assuming that in setting up the event you would have completed a full safety assessment.  That’s good for me. Given neck braces weren’t handed out, I assume my task is to keep you awake and alert.

Occupational health and safety is important. It is the difference between a child seeing their mum or dad that evening; literally the difference between life and death or disability.

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Transcript - Senate Chamber - 14 March 2012

Just when you think this shambolic government cannot get any worse - oh yes, they can. Just when you think they cannot bend over to the Greens anymore - oh yes, they can. Just when you think the government surely cannot have another liability issue on their hands after pink batts, the live cattle exports, after the Australian network tender debacle - oh yes, they can. This is the one area where this government excels.

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The Acorn has a lot to Answer for - Address to SAYLM

Address to the Young Liberal Movement of South Australia, Adelaide

Old children stories and fables (which regrettably are now out of fashion) have a great application to everyday life including politics.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a classic which reminds us of the foolishness of and severe embarrassment caused by unthinkingly following the crowd. It is a must read for the political correctness brigade.

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Workplace Relations – The Issues - Address to AMMA

Address to the Australian Mines & Metals Association Tasmania Conference, Hobart

A big welcome to Tasmania to interstate AMMA delegates. It’s good not to have to travel to Western Australia for a change.

Any 5 cent piece you can leave behind will be gratefully received by an economy that is being mugged in tandem by Green/Labor Governments from both Canberra and Hobart.

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